Below are links to some articles I've written outside of Chasing Sundays.


TikTok Has Made Shoegaze Bigger Than Ever (2023)

The New Wave of American Shoegaze (2022)

Drop Nineteens interview (2023)

Feeble Little Horse interview (2022)

Spirit of the Beehive interview (2021)

Revolver Magazine

Code Orange cover story (2023)

Poppy cover story (2023)

Sunami interview (2023)

Pain of Truth interview (2023)

Turnstile cover story (2021)

Code Orange cover story (2020)


'Punk Goes Pop' set up this era's hybrid sound (2021)

How a Perfect 10.o of Radiohead's 'Kid A' changed music criticism (2020)

Why indie artists are releasing music at a faster rate (2020)


This Is Hyperpop: A Genre Tag for Genre-less Music (2020)

The Musical Legacy of Brokencyde (2020)

Millennial Culture Isn't Youth Culture Anymore (2020)

Facebook Shitposting Groups Are the New Fan Clubs for Indie Bands (2020)

Entertainment Weekly

Weezer clash with the orchestra on 'OK Human' (2021)

Car Seat Headrest's strange new world (2020)

MTV News

Blade and Mechatok Are Winning and Losing Simultaneously (2020)

The Outline

The first-ever 100 gecs interview (2019)