I decided to start a personal website where I'll be publishing blogs, essays, music recommendations, screeds, etc. when the spirit moves me.

If you've read my writing over at the Endless Scroll newsletter, or the stuff I used to write for The Alternative, then that's the kind of thing you're in for here. Voice-y, personalized, unhitched-from-the-music-industry-PR-machine type shit. New music, old music, good music, bad music, trends, observations, bits, bobs, occasional thoughts on non-music subjects (wild, right?).

The Dream State University thing is just a silly name I picked because I feel like calling my blog Eli Enis is kinda lame. It's a concept I plan to half-commit to at best, so don't expect a detailed artifice of music journo-masking-as-educational-entity to be any kind of real throughline in my work here. I love Alex G, and the title of his 2014 album, DSU, is supposedly an acronym for Dream State University. I always thought that sounded cool.

Basically, I want to use this website/newsletter as a sort of portfolio for the type of music writing I find personally fulfilling. If it ends up being a rousing success, then perhaps one day I'll consider monetizing it in some way, but for now, everything on here is free for all to click and consume.

I guess that's pretty much it? I'll share everything I write here on Twitter, but in the event that that website ceases to exist in a functional manner and you still care to read my thoughts on music ephemera, I'd appreciate you subscribing via email so we don't lose touch.

Thanks :-)